CO2RE Intima

For women’s health.
Perform minimally invasive, non-hormonal, energy-based gynecological health treatments – in your office, in as little as 10 minutes.

What CO2RE Intima is For

The CO2RE® Intima system is uniquely engineered to transform treatment of many dermatological conditions, including gynecological needs.
The CO2RE Intima’s comprehensive range of treatment options include: Ablation and resurfacing of soft tissue
The system’s customized handpieces are designed to treat the introitus, vaginal canal, and external genitalia.
Conveniently treat with pre-set or individualized treatment options
Accurately target and treat tissue with ergonomic, pen-like precision2
With 360o rotation capability for ease of use on tissue along the vaginal canal, and sterile for every patient, the single-use handpieces are guaranteed ready to use.
Significant benefits for your practice and patients.
Efficient procedural time — as little as 10 minutes for each treatment
Minimally invasive, non-hormonal, energy-based treatment
Portable system allows you to easily perform office-based procedures, and is easy to move from room to room
Simple in-office setup for gynecological applications
Single-use handpiece optimizes workflow, enhancing patient safety
Financial savings — single-use handpieces reduce staff time, administrative costs, and inefficiencies
Designed with your practice in mind.
The CO2RE Intima system offers numerous user-friendly, productivity-enhancing features.
Minimize physician fatigue with articulated arm and featherweight handpieces
Gynecology-specific selection of handpieces and lenses
Intuitive touch-screen interface stores and recalls user preferences
Precision internal scanner digitally synchronized with laser pulse generator
Compact, quiet, easily mobile, and portable
Well-established CO2 technology treats skin or soft tissue.
CO2 technology has been used in gynecology for benign and pre-malignant vulvar and cervical dysplasia since 1973.3 The CO2RE system offers customizable treatment capability with handpiece and lens combinations to provide physician control. Compared to traditional surgical methods, it provides greater precision, cleaner incision, and less scarring.