3 foundational technologies for your practice:

Ellipse IPL™, Frax 1550, and Nd:YAG 1064
Offer your patients the new skin illuminating treatment available exclusively through the Nordlys platform.
Our clinical and marketing teams are here to help you get started with treatment training and review of clinical studies, white papers and practice marketing materials to help you grow your business.
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Key Benefits of Nordlys System
Designed for ultimate ease of use.
The Nordlys system’s clinical intelligence is designed to facilitate a quick learning curve. It has three different treatment modes available for the user
Optional Pulse Definition mode4
As users become more adept, they can further customize treatment settings and define individual pulse trains.
Adjustable arm easily moves the screen and tray into the desired position
Switch settings or accessories without moving a step
Applicators have flexible cables to reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury
Accessories tray keeps glasses and gel close at hand
User has a clear view of the treatment area
Device is very quiet in operation, providing a relaxed environment for both operator and the person being treated
Secure, Wi-Fi–enabled remote assistance
Diagnose and update your device (during or after working hours) for effective service support
Patient database allows you to build a patient record and review treatment history